Stormin’ Normans & Beaucoup du Soleil 

This time last year…. How time flies, and how I miss this adventure every day!

Aimee's Adventures & Travel

We’re in the Office de Tourisme in Coutances, Normandy the other day and the postcard rack is filled with cheeky postcards about the rain in Normandy. This is not the Normandy Adam & I have gotten to know.

Two or three days ago we took a beach day in Vauville, a petite-ville with a stretch of quiet beach that stretched for ages. It was gray when we woke up that morning, but by 11 the clouds had cleared and the water and sand were so inviting! We napped, swam and hung out for nearly 6 hours.

And for all that, now we have two sunburned bike tourists. My legs got it worst, especially my calves. Poor Adam – he was an all over lobster.

The next morning we woke up early and in pain. Sunburned skin, it isn’t good at all. We left Vauville around 7 AM to beat the…

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