Marathons 2016: Back in the sneakers

Marathon #1 has come and gone, and I still have two races on the docket: Her Tern Half and Berlin Marathon. (What was I thinking?)

Common sense and simple internet research tells us that runners need to recover after races, especially grueling races like marathons. Recommended recovering ranges from inactivity, ice baths, massages, walking… Even taking 1 day off for every mile you’ve run. I opted to ride my bicycle when I could and take a week off from running.

With these races on the horizon (HTH in July, and Berlin in 12 weeks), my recovery period was finite. To best bounce back from a marathon and keep the momentum for a half marathon and roll that into a fall marathon, I did some generic research online and settled on Hal Higdon‘s training program.

I’m using the Intermediate training program. Hal’s plan is a good fit because it’s specifically for runners coming down from a marathon and works up to a new race. After counting miles for so long, I also appreciate his balance between mile-based runs (3 miles, 5 miles) and time-based runs (35 min tempo, 45-70 minute run).

When I signed up for the Her Tern, it was my goal to run under 2 hours (even 1:59:59). I’m a little apprehensive about goal times after Mayor’s Marathon, and releasing on that stress for now. We’ll see how I feel over the course of training.

And speaking of marathons, once the Her Tern happens I’m jumping right back into long distance runs for Berlin. If I had been starting marathon training from Week 1, I’d be running 12 miles the same weekend as the Her Tern Half. It’s a nice segue from one to the other, although I’m flabbergasted when I think about the fact that I started training the last week of February and will have been “training” for the better half of a year.

Berlin training



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