Marathons 2016: the first finish line

Today was the culmination of 16 long weeks of training: Mayor’s Marathon. At 7:30 AM we were crossing the start line with hundreds of other people, representing all 50 states and 16 countries.

And where to from there? For 15 miles, I went smoothly toward the finish line with a comfortable, average pace of 10:30 min/mile. The temperatures and trails were perfect this morning: sunny, 60s and a light breeze. Plenty of water, snacks and energy!

And then… 

Between miles 16-17, my stomach did a little flip. I’ll spare you the details, but express my sincere gratitude for the outhouses that appeared like an oasis right before I beelined into Bicentennial Park. Hallelujah. 

That episode set me off my entire game. Slowed my pace, stiffened my legs and generally made me a little wonky for the next few miles. Some anxiety, walking and tears followed that.

Fast forward…

My cheer squad was waiting for me at mile 22. Adam walked me through a water station, letting me cry and mope about falling behind my goal time, holding my snacks and water and encouraging me to finish strong. He’s a good man.

I made it across the finish line way off from my goal of 4:30. Way f’n off, and I’m really disappointed. After 16 weeks of  training and focusing on my goal time, it’s a major letdown to fall short. That’s real talk, and it’s going to take me a minute to bounce back.

Silver lining/ending on a positive note: I have another marathon to look forward to & try again for new time. And kudos to Stacia for blowing her time out of the water! 

4 thoughts on “Marathons 2016: the first finish line

  1. Thanks for always giving us your true self! I’d be disappointed if you weren’t disappointed. You’re doing everything right! Mope a bit! And then when you’re ready…… remember that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, feel good about having given it your all, and CRUSH Berlin!!

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