I Love New York

I really do! Interestingly enough, I’ve met so many Alaskan transplants who communicate a distaste for their origins as their inspiration to move or stay in Alaska. It so frequently comes across to me as an “either or”. Like, if they admit to liking pieces of their hometown, or missing things it had to offer, then they aren’t truly Alaskans or something. Take a minute and listen to anyone talk and you’ll this is a common thread in all communication – we feel a need to put something down in order to highlight our enjoyment of something else. Also a common thread in advertising: our brand is best, because their brand is weaker.

Anyway – I digress a little, but the point here is that I do not need to pick one love over the other. I live in Alaska and love it here. And I lived in New York, have family, memories and roots in New York and will always love it there too. Lucky me: I can have it all!

I just returned to AK after a quick adventure to the east coast. It was full-to-the-brim of family and friends, missing only my littlest brother (stationed at Fort Bragg). Thanks to my family (blood and future in-laws) for wonderful experiences, including camping in the Adirondacks and a surprise party in celebration of Adam & me and our upcoming nuptials.

*Missing pictures of brother Zach and Dad.. Know that I love you!

* Also: photo credits (for the nice one): Will Shook Photography. 

5 thoughts on “I Love New York

  1. Nice blog! Glad you got the pictures. Next time I will send better resolution pics for you to use. Love ya!

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  2. Hey Aimee,

    Thanks for coming to NY, so we could all have an excuse to come. It was great fun seeing everyone and just hanging out.


    Uncle Steven

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