Marathons 2016: the slump

It had to happen eventually… the dreaded slump. It’s kind of like hitting ‘the wall’, but lasts a little longer and generally casts a long shadow over training. How long does it last? Depends on the person.

For me, the slump lasted a solid two weeks, maybe a couple days more. It started at the end of week 10… Cramps and new running shoes. 16 miles was tough that week and put me in a sour mood.

My running shoes were replaced, the cramps subsided, but my body and brain just didn’t want to keep running. By the end of week 11, I was in a total funk. It didn’t feel good, I felt like I was never going to see the end of training or hit my goal time or complete a marathon without walking… The dark thoughts and doubts started creeping in. Wah.


I finally started to break through the cobwebs during a short run. My favorite downtown 5 miler, with no cellphone, keys or otherwise… Just the sun in my face and pollen in my nose. I finished in good time, but more importantly finished feeling good.

Flash forward to Monday. Thanks to awesome weekend excursions, Stacia and I met up for our 18 mile run after work Monday evening. It was the real test… Can I dig deep, find that mojo that’s carried me this far and get back into my groove?

Well, the short answer is yes. Not without some soreness and shuffling, of course. We finished our 18 mile run in a 10:58 pace (including walking breaks!) and happily gulped down water and soda (not 21DsD friendly…). My legs are stiff and tired, but not sore, and I feel like I can finish training strong and still achieve my goal time of 4:30.

One of my favorite Oatmeal comics

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