Commuter Chronicles: What do I even wear today?

The struggle is real, my friends. Like most of my peers this morning, I stood around staring at my closet in a bleary eyed haze for way too long. It’s Monday, it’s gorgeous outside and I don’t have anything to wear.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to wear, generally. It’s that I don’t have anything to wear that I can ride my bicycle in. I’m grappling with a wardrobe that’s functional & stylish for work and play, and commuter friendly.

Like, what pants are going to be comfortable riding 4+ miles one way? And not only do they have to be comfortable, I have to be okay with their accelerated destruction, because commuting in pants seems to be the quickest way to stretch out the knees and wear out seams.

And don’t even get me started on tops. Visible sweat, B.O., those little gnats that hitch on for a ride like I’m a high speed commuter train… The majority of my blouses are made from material that really could be treated with some care (if I want them to last) and the things that are made from bike-friendly material are already well worn Patagonia shirts.

That leaves me with dresses. In hindsight, a dress with bike shorts or leggings seems like the easiest option. Of course, now I’m wondering why I didn’t think of that this morning?

2 thoughts on “Commuter Chronicles: What do I even wear today?

  1. Totes! My summer solution: I have two bike skirts with built-in shorts, and one that is a pencil skirt that unzips extra panels to be bikable! But the top is still a conundrum. For my 7 miles in, I just wear a tech shirt and change into a blouse when I arrive. I just sweat too much for another viable option (so far…)

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