Marathons 2016: Weeks 7-10

Well… Since last time, there’s not much to update. I’m still running. And I’m still loving it.

There’s been some fluctuation in performance and speed, and some days (like today) my body just doesn’t want to move. Overall it’s been awesome. For the past 4 weeks of training I’ve averaged 9:30/40 min/miles (amazing), including the 10+ mile runs. Never before in my life have I been able to accomplish what I’m doing now – running at a clip that’s comfortable and personally competitive. It feels great.

The bigger challenge in training has not been the mileage or speed so much, but getting the runs in. Thanks to that 40 Day Challenge I discovered that AM exercise is my jam, even though dragging myself out of bed is hard. For about a month, maybe just a little longer, I’ve been getting my short and mid-length runs in before work, and even trying to start my weekend long runs earlier in the morning (think 8 AM-ish on weekends). The sun is high well before I get out of bed and there are commuters out at all hours now, which makes the trail a really pleasant place to be in the morning.

There’s only four long runs left until we taper and rest up for Mayor’s Marathon. I’m psyched and feeling good about that 4:30 (or less…?) goal. Of course, from there it’s onto sub-2 and the BERLIN MARATHON!

My friend Claire sent me this article, What We Think About When We Run, recently, which was incredibly interesting and thoughtful. I encourage you to read, to marinate on it and think about your running or other activity you do that helps you find joy. What do you think about?

“What exactly do I think about when I’m running?” Murakami asks. “I don’t have a clue.”

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