Commuter Chronicles: Busted!

Usually I keep my cellphone in my pannier during my commutes. I destroyed an iPhone a couple years ago, in an outer pocket during a particularly rainy ride. I’d rather not keep paying for preventable damage. Today was an exception: it was dry, relatively warm and I was jamming to Spotify’s “Women of Hip Hop”, so the phone was in my outer pocket.

I thought I was being sly this morning when I thought “Hey, how about a selfie?” and slowed to a crawl to snap a couple pictures. Of course, just as I was putting my phone away this cyclist popped out of nowhere behind me and I was totally busted. She was even in the background of one of my pictures. So much for being sly and the selfies weren’t even good! But I did get this little gem while I was trying to put my phone away and ride on.


One thought on “Commuter Chronicles: Busted!

  1. In NY its against the law to use your cell phone whilst driving. I think AK should adapt it for bicyclist! Nice to see your wearing your helmet !) lov ya….


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