Everything’s Irie, Kimbrough

I don’t want to believe it, but winter’s still hanging out in some parts of Alaska.

Here at sea-level the trees are blooming, the grass is green and the trails are dry. Climb a couple thousand feet and the roads are dry and snow is there… And slushy.

We spent the weekend in Hatcher Pass, just 45 minutes north of Anchorage. After a fun night with friends, Kimbrough & I took a drive to the top of the pass to bust out skis. I had written winter sports off – running, bicycling and other summer sports are beckoning. But I can’t pass up a sunny day with a sister and we did a nice slow loop below Microdot.

It was beautifully sunny, incredibly warm and super-slushy snow. Kimbrough brought a radio and we tuned into KNBA and the Reggae Mix with Prince Albert – my favorite Sunday program. Prince Albert kicked off the programming with a Prince tribute, followed up with some French reggae and made his appeal for the spring membership drive… So Kimbrough called, donated and as we were skiing down the hills later we hear Prince Albert over the airwaves: “Everything’s Alright, Kimbrough”

Yea, it is, Prince Albert!

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