Commuter Chronicles: Reunited at last…

Oh my sweet, sweet Surly.

I bought this bicycle in late September 2014, specifically for our velo tour of France. I rode it for a couple months, put it away when snow fell, then pulled it back out for spring rides and 10 glorious weeks in France. Since October/November it’s been hibernating in our tiny apartment, just staring at me every morning.

Well hibernation is over my friend! The trails are clear and dry, the sky is blue before 7 AM and this morning I pulled my Surly out by the pink handlebars, pumped some air in the tires and rode like the wind. I felt so good I even rode in my jeans and pumps, instead of the customary spandex.

And not as great as the ride, but still pretty sweet: my new office location has a bike cage. My pride and joy is securely locked up outside and waiting for the sweet ride home. Yeehaw.

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