Virtual High 5: One Hot Mess

One Hot Mess is easily one of my favorite blogs in Alaska. She’s another sassy New Yorker (she’s from the big city) who can sometimes nails it so hard. National politics, body image, feminism, Alaska stuff…

Anyway, I read regularly and one of her most recent posts resonated with me so strongly I couldn’t help but share.

Read it, bookmark it, follow her on Facebook and enjoy.

“If nothing else, I’ll be taking the summer off from being a feminist in order to hypocritically indulge in every possible gender-shaming body and style issue known to female kind.

Sorry, but sometimes social progress and inner peace need to take a backseat to not looking like a Jimmy Dean sausage link in a cocktail dress.” – Excerpt from Bringing My Style A-Game to Three Weddings This Summer Will Not Be Easy

Yea girl, I feel you!


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