Marathons 2016: Week 2 & 3

3 down, 13 to go!

For the past two weeks, my running crew has been averaging runs in the 9 minute window. I logged a personal best on a solo 6 mile run: 56 minutes to finish, the fastest I’ve ever run 6 miles in my life. Yeehaw!

And then just when the getting was good, Mother Nature dropped a doozy on us: nearly a foot of snow in a day and a half.

7 Mile pace: 12:15. Ay carumba. I wiped out twice on ice hidden under the snow. File this one under “character building”.

On top of the running, this past week was Week #1 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox. It was… An experience. A snapshot:

  • Headache, low energy
  • Cranky. Very cranky
  • All almond everything: milk lattes, raw by the handfuls
  • One sluggish run (forgot that one when talking about the 9 minute miles above)
  • Unbalanced eating habits: a head of roasted cauliflower for dinner is not a meal.

Also reflective of that whole “fail to plan, plan to fail” (did I really type that? Ugh.) I slipped into a grey area and then completely off the rails with the sugar-free/processed foods this weekend. My coach reads this… So here it is, Sara – I slipped up!! And I’m back on track now.

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