Commuter Chronicles: Multi-modal rants & woes

Oy. This has been a week for the books! 

It started Monday… Anticipating an appointment, I opted to drive. And The Fates said “let’s make this interesting”. I hit a fresh pothole, nailing it just right, and bent the rim of my tire. Ugh.

That same Monday evening, I went to my car in the downtown parking garage and found that my car had been ransacked! Yeehaw. That could have been bad enough, but the offender left my car door open and drained my battery. 

Mondays, man. 

It was good to back on bicycle all week, with clear skies and nearly clear trails. And Vision Zero Anchorage launched last night, energizing my passion and commitment to a safer Anchorage with zero traffic fatalities. Which leads me to my rant:

At roughly 9:15A this morning, I was crossing Arctic Blvd & Northern Lights, following the traffic pattern on the north-bound sidewalk. I crossed with the signal and all the traffic with the green light, and a red hatchback cut me off with a right hook and high speed to get into the java shack line.

Whatever, we all have places to go. But when you’ve cut so close to me that I can touch your car with my hand – we have a big problem. A big f’n problem. 

Not only did red hatchback cut me off, she turned to me through her drivers window, gave me the middle finger and yelled “f@$& you!”.

Yea. That happened.

This is the perspective I want to shared, adopted and owned by everyone in my community and every community across the world: we are all human, we are all mortal. 

What is it, red hatchback, that made you think it was okay to cut me off for a coffee line? Do you think that I’m so badass for biking in winter that I must be invincible and could survive a collision with my human body and your 1,500 lb car? 

You wouldn’t know this about me by our interaction, red hatchback, but I too like a morning coffee. And probably like you, was also in a rush to get to work. And maybe not like you, because  I can’t imagine you have any normal adult relationships with the way you deal with being in the wrong, but I have loved ones and family who want me to get home safely, in one piece and who would be crushed if they heard I was gravely injured because of your driving.

I was too shaken up to confront red hatchback, but I thought about her a lot as I made my way to work. I wish I had pulled over, and bought her coffee. And then I would have said “listen, you…” And given her this entire rant instead.

What a week.

3 thoughts on “Commuter Chronicles: Multi-modal rants & woes

  1. Thankfully you are stomach tightened up thinking how scary that must have been for you! You should wear your go pro to chronicle your commutes & if something like this happened again post it on local social media. public shaming might wake some people up.


    1. You know, I totally agree with public shaming as a way to wake people up. But on the flip, there’s already such an Us vs Them mentality around cars & bicycles that I’m afraid it would just stoke the fire to do something like that. Instead we have to do it the slow way… Change the community norms.


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