Wedding Bells

If you didn’t know already, Adam & I are getting hitched! Hey… It’s not all European adventures and glacial traverses.

To accommodate the aforementioned Europeans and glaciers, we did push the big date back to 2017. In theory, we have ample time to plan with calm and joy. In reality… 


Anyway, wedding planning has been on my brain. I’ve been listening to a lot of ABBA since seeing Mamma Mia! at the Alaska Performing Arts Center and it’s inspired me. I think I want to have a Mamma Mia! themed wedding, with nothing but the sounds of ABBA playing all weekend.

I googled “Mamma Mia themed weddings” and got a lot of great ideas, including making it an Orthodox wedding. Sub Russian for Greek and we’re in luck – Homer has a old Russian Orthodox village a few miles down the road…

Earlier today I was noodling on other bridal themes and I might change my mind… Instead of ABBA and Mamma Mia!, what about…


So, I googled “Bride of Frankenstein” weddings too and I’m sure you can already imagine, the internet is chock-full of ideas for that theme. Unfortunately I don’t think this one has legs… Not because it’s ridiculous, but because we want to get married under nearly 24 hours of a daylight and that doesn’t really lend itself to a goth wedding.

I guess we’ll just have to stick with “a celebration of love, set against an epic Alaskan backdrop”… booooorrrrriiiinnnngggg.

Celebrating my 29th birthday on top of the Eiffel Tower

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