Bad News from my doctor…

No carbs.”

That’s what my doctor told me Tuesday. I was in for my annual/physical and wanted to talk to her about nutrition for the upcoming marathon training. I want to run faster, and that means eatting to get lean and also fuel my body while those miles rack up.

No carbs.” She says.

“I want a second opinion.”, I said.

Just kidding. I didn’t say that. I really respect my doctor and after she gave me that first blow, we had a really interesting conversation about good carbs, good food for fuel and whole foods and foods “less touched” by man or machine.

But she wasn’t joking about the senseless carb loading… So goodbye Fire Island, I’ll see you in October. And sayanara Moose’s Tooth, I’ll miss you too. From here out, it’s sweet potatoes and dark leafy greens.

I am doing some research on whole food training diets, especially for snacks on long runs. Stay tuned for future recipes & stories!

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