Lent Goals

Hopefully you’ve noticed an uptick in blog posts by now. Like, 3 in the last week? That might be more than I wrote in the entire month of January.

‘Tis the Lenten (is this a word?) Season, and while I’m not Catholic, I sure do love me a 40 Day Challenge. I approached Lent a little differently than others: my focus is adopting new habits, and giving up a few here and there.

Blogging 3x/week and writing in my journal every day are two habits I signed up for, and so far/so good. Journaling is easy – I just write a couple thoughts and move on. Blogging has been easy-ish since last week, but I anticipate lulls in material and some Seinfeld posts-about-nothing eventually.

Other Lent goals: knit more (have not started), and train for marathon. Marathon training is double-dipping, that starts next week whether it’s Lent or not. Ha!

Things to give up for Lent: sugar, processed/fake foods, going out to eat/drink… Failure to launch on those goals as of today.

Happy Lenten Trails!

One thought on “Lent Goals

  1. 1. Lenten is totes a word.
    2. Clearly you’re not Catholic, we only do ONE thing for Lent!
    3. I’m running at least one mile every day. Hit me up when your training starts, I’d love to get some miles in together!
    4. Unrelated, but thanks to finally making it happen at the new locale on winter bike to work day, I’ve biked every day this week!
    5. You’re amazing. Keep it up!


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