Who is Doyle?

My future in-laws are in town, adventure ensues! Despite grey skies and work schedules, we’re making the most of their time in Alaska.

This is their second winter visit and we have a family tradition: one weekend at Alyeska. Skiing optional, hot tub not.

Before we made it to Girdwood, Adam took John for his first ever backcountry tour in Arctic Valley and I took Barb and Emily to their first ever spin class at Anchorage Cycle. All newbies walked away a little tired and very happy with the experiences.

We stayed in this sweet condo in Girdwood with the most comfortable bed and sweetest hot tub. Saturday night, Adam had this wild sleep walking experience. He was talking in his sleep and I asked him, who are you talking to? He replied: “Doyle”. We’re still trying to figure who Doyle is…

And, we had another earthquake tonight. Smaller than the last (at time of writing), this one woke me up. Yeesh. 


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