40 Day Challenge

I just wrapped up Anchorage Yoga & Cycle‘s 40 Day Challenge: 40 consecutive days of spin or yoga classes. Woohoo!

I committed on a whim after New Years (but before the challenge officially started on January 4th), mostly for the personal challenge and to build some baseline strength and wellness before marathon training starts on 2/28.

It was great. I feel stronger, fitter and generally healthier. I let my “ego” go in yoga. Knowing I would be back again the next day helped relieve the pressure to go further and let me listen to my body. If that advanced pose didn’t feel right, there was always tomorrow. 

Outside of the studios, it helped me create better habits. I make my lunch and pack my clothes at night. Sometimes I even wash my dishes and pick up. Adam & I have been going to bed earlier every night… Blissfully good sleep!

I’m happy to have my weekends back and plan to spend more time on the slopes with friends and sweetheart, but will keep up with yoga and spin on weekday mornings. That’s probably the best habit I’ve picked up: a routine of exercise in the morning (including bicycling to work) that makes me feel happy and healthy.

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