Kitchen Chronicles: Weeknight, Local(ish) Delights

Certainly one of my favorite parts of living in Alaska is the variety and accessibility to seafood and wild game. Of course, I can only remember eating venison and rabbit once in all of my years in New York; but since living in Alaska I’ve felt a stronger connection to sourcing my own food, when possible. Maybe it’s the “Frontier Spirit” and self-reliance, or maybe just eating fresher.

Whatever it is, I’m grateful Adam’s interested in hunting and can stock our freezer. For the past few years it’s been filled with lean caribou meat from a hunt on Adak, far out in the Aleutian Islands. 1 week, 1.5 caribou = pounds and pounds of tenderloin, hamburger, sausage, kielbasa and meat sticks. Also in the mix this year: caribou bacon.

Now we find ourselves in a busy time of year, looking to eat well and smartly. We’re two adults on the go, with a preference for fresh, whole foods and home-cooked meals. And, we have a freezer full of salmon, halibut and caribou.

Enter One Pan, Two Plates: one of my favorite cookbooks. This was a gift from a friend, Meredith, ages ago and we are putting it to good use. We’ve adopted and personalized recipes like yellow curry, couscous and most recently – Hungarian Goulash. Originally a beef and pork recipe, we opted to use what we had and sub caribou tenderloin and bacon. It was delicious.

This cookbook rocks because it has great recipes and they’re all intended to be made for 1-2 people with modest leftovers, if you follow the recipe to a T. For our circumstances, we increased most ingredients and had enough for lunches for a day or two following. In cold February, a cup of hot stew at lunch {made with love} can be just the ticket.

Of course, dinner is incomplete without wine. Merlot is recommended for the goulash and what do you know?! We happened to have a French bottle on standby.

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