Commuter Chronicles: These are my confessions

(This is for you, KS. xo)

I have not enjoyed bicycling lately.

There. I said it.

It started before Christmas… Sometime between Thanksgiving and late December. It was warm, then cold. Meetings, social plans, life, what-have-you, and it was just so easy to drive. My car was ready and waiting, good on gas mileage and warm.

Bicycling felt like so much work. Pack the panniers, wake up early, layer up, hit the trail or road. Try not to eat pavement or inhale too much road dirt. And through it all, my bike was uncomfortable and my rides were sluggish. I was tired.

Flash forward to this week. We’re back at work, going opposite directions and sharing one car.

And this week, lightning struck. Duh.

Simply raising my seat so my legs would extend properly (duh) and checking my tire pressure (seriously, duh) completely changed my ride. So this is my second confession:

I have been a lazy bicycle owner, not properly maintaining my ride.

Anyway, that was Wednesday and now we’re straight. Today, I had a wonderful 4.5 mile ride in the morning and an even better 30km ride this afternoon/evening. There’s air in the tires and my legs feel strong and we’re rolling!

Snaps of our 30k #30forSam ride. Fun day!

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