Happy New Year! 2016 Adventures

To think… A year ago I was prepping to visit the White House, and planning and plotting for our France Bike Tour. And in between it all, experiencing so much adventure: long bike rides, camping trips, skiing once in while (I think).

2015 was an incredible year. Dreams really did come true.

And here we are, looking to 2016 and the adventures ahead. It’s a little different, but not by much. What’s on the horizon?

Adam continuing to bust his ass teaching, working toward his Master in Special Education, and chasing the ‘pow’ where ever it may land. And he’s signing up for a 12 day mountaineering course, complete with glacier traverse and pack rafting.

As for me… Well, I’m going to be 30 this year, which is really exciting, because ‘dirty thirty’ just rolls off the tongue. And to make the most of a milestone year, I’ve set the personal goal to finish Mayor’s Marathon in 4 hours, 30 minutes and the Her Tern Half in less than 2 hours. Le gulp.

And because 1 marathon isn’t enough… my friend Stacia & I entered the Berlin Marathon lottery. And we were accepted. So September 2016 will find me across the pond again, running shoulder to should with ~30,000 other people from around the world on one of the fastest courses. Berlin, baby!!!

Happy, Happy Year to all of you. Sending lots of love and laughs where ever you are.

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