Kitchen Chronicles: Dabbling in the Art of French Baking

Update: I forgot to include the recipe source! Here it is: Living Tastefully, “When You Can’t Be In Paris”.

Original Post: For 10 happy weeks, my daily bread was a delicious French pastry. Flaky pastry filled with custard and chocolate chips… Mmm.

Patisseries around the country had different names for it: pepito, lunette, petite suisse. And despite different names they were consistently delicious. I ate two or three on my last morning in Paris, just to saturate myself before we left for the states.

So flash forward to the holiday season and the inevitable cookie exchange. Ever ambitious, I decided to try my hand at pepitos.


I’ll spare you the boring details and get right to it. They definitely don’t look like they did in France, and they don’t taste the same either, but generally they’re close enough and that brings me joy.


Brioche dough… or close enough


The essentials: dough, recipe, wine


Rolled dough


Prepping custard


Final custard


Prep before baking


The final product, before separating servings



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