Practicing Self Care

Talking about our France experience, my friend Stacia’s new blog about Health Promotion… It’s prompted me to reflect on my self care practice.

What is “self care”? For Aimee, it’s that careful balance of giving myself (energy, time, talent, whatever) to others and guarding all of those things for my personal use, too. How’s that for broad and vague?

It revolves around quality: minimizing my commitments so I can give more energy, better energy to whatever it is in front of me. Stacia calls it “mono-tasking”. While I’m not quite so pared down to call myself a “mono-tasker”, the principle applies.

How do I practice self care? This is what I’ve jotted down.

Careful time management: prioritizing time with Adam, exercise first. Don’t book too far out and don’t say yes to everything (and be okay with that! No FOMO) and don’t try to “do it all”. Most importantly – keep the appointments I do have, with people or myself. And reap the good feelings – less guilt or stress from rescheduling and juggling.

Good exercise: love me some running, yoga, spinning and bicycling. Endorphins… Clear mind… Community… Hot bod… Athleisure wear! Do I even need to elaborate?

Eating Well: well… that’s a work in progress. I’m at a crossroad. I’m healthy enough that when I eat shit food, I feel it. Uncomfortable, bloated – all the bad feels. But this is the crux… While I’m healthy enough to feel it, I’m not yet disciplined enough to skip the shit food. So. That’s why we call it practice, right?

Nurture Relationships: Adam, friends, family, peers… The relationships, the nurturing takes different forms. Coffees, drinks, texts or FaceTime. Walks with friends, bicycling with whoever I can. I’ve posted before about my love of community in Anchorage. Nurturing those relationships is an extension of this.

Like I mentioned up top – this is a practice, not yet an art. You know, it will evolve and  shift and I’ll grow and change. I want to live an intentional life, with conscious choices and relationships, etcetera and this self care practice is a piece of that.

A mid-afternoon run to clear my head and take it in
A mid-afternoon run to clear my head and take it in

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