Zombie 1/2 Marathon, #7!

Woohoo – I’ve just hit an arbitrary milestone! I crossed the finish line of my 7th 1/2 marathon, this weekend’s Zombie 1/2, a fun-run with the Anchorage Running Club.

There’s no earth-shattering PR or other particular pomp. I signed up 6 weeks ago with no goal but to finish and to track my ‘training’. Back in August, I ran the Anchorage RunFest 1/2 marathon with only two short runs under my feet since May. My friend Alli told me that ‘bicycling is like running, you’ll have no problem going from one to the other’, so I took her on her word and went for it.

It hurt. Not the worst pain ever and my time was on par with the first 1/2 I ever ran (2:46). But I was sore, the half-moons under my butt were really tight and in general I was very tired.

Anyway, I figured I could do better with the Zombie. So I created a simple 6-week grid and filled in my general activity every day – biking to work, spin class, yoga, run, hiking, etc. I’m a “gold star” person: writing in activity, then highlighting it pink, motivated me to exercise just as much as the race ahead of me. Ha!

With regular running and cross-training, I fared much better: 2:36 for the 2015 Zombie 1/2. 2 hour, 30+/- is my baseline range, consistent across most of the 1/2 marathons I’ve completed so far.

Earlier today, my friend Stacia & I were talking fantasy vs. vision and I thought of my move to Alaska. When we moved here, I had to think hard and set some personal goals for what I wanted for me and my life. One of the key things I identified was a healthy, active lifestyle – for good physical and mental health, good looks and body image and to take advantage of what Anchorage/Alaska had to offer.

Since 2010, I’ve run 7 half marathons. Six of them since 2013, in Anchorage, which is neat when I reflect and realize that I’m fulfilling my personal vision. So while #7 is an arbitrary milestone, it’s a good one.

Post-run chocolate milk @ Spenard Roadhouse. Mmm.
And others have a grown-up bevi. Adam & the cilantro-infused Bloody Mary.

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