Commuter Chronicles: fresh pow & maximum-alist commuting

Woohoo! Anchorage woke up this morning to an inch or two of wet, heavy, white snow. It was a welcome break from the heavy rain and an exciting sign. The weather is getting colder, leaves have changed color and fallen from the trees… Winter is on its way.

I never took my studded tires off my mountain bike last spring, so it was easy going to work this morning. The snow wasn’t hard enough to really need them anyway, but there’s one bridge that took me out last winter in just an inch of snow, so I was glad to have them.


fresh pow & the offending bridge
Of course, by afternoon the snow had melted away from all but the shady areas and my studded tires sound like a swarm of bees on dry routes. That can’t be good for the studs on the long run, but a girl has to get around safely and I’ll likely switch to the mountain bike full time pretty soon as it gets to freezing overnight. 

With winter commuting comes winter packing… I read some article, sometime ago, about something to do with bicyclists being a good example of minimalists. And with layers and dry clothes and a change of shoes and a proper coat and don’t forget clothes for spin class or yoga and a mat and a lunch… That just doesn’t apply to me. Today I decided I am a maximum-alist bicycle commuter. If I can carry it and might need it, in a million years, it comes.

not pictured: the clothes on my back & boots on my feet

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