Weeknight Warriors: Singletrack Biking 

4 PM-ish Tuesday text:  

5:30/6 PM ish: we are pushing off from Hilltop Ski Area, around the Drone trailhead area, one on of the “easy trails”.

This is my third time mountain biking ever and now that we’re done I think I can say I like it, but I wasn’t sure when we started out. There were people coming down, going up, moving fast and roots, rocks and a hill – all intimidating obstacles that made for a rough start.

Like, pushing my bike up the first switchbacks…

Eventually I found my groove and managed to keep reasonably close behind Adam for our leg up Queen Bee & Janice’s Jive. He’s such a rockstar; this is one of Adams favorite after-school activities and he tore up the trail. 

After catching my breath at a junction with Janice’s Jive, the Hive and some other trail, we opted to finish the loop via the Hive and return the car. Second half of ride: way more fun. Maybe it was the trail, more likely that I was getting comfortable on my bike and the ups and downs, roots and rocks. 

It was perfectly Alaskan: Denali clearly visible from the trail, three moose hanging by a tree and plenty of people and dogs.


Maybe it felt steeper than it is…
My fearless guide
Sleeping Lady


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