For the Love of Community

Life in Anchorage has been tops lately and I am so, so grateful for all the good vibes. I think it started when Dad & Liz were here. We were hiking up Wolverine Peak and a familiar voice comes out of the fog… And soon one of cool friends, Tamra, is hiking right up to us. And at that moment I was so happy my parents were there, experiencing one of my favorite parts of life in Anchorage – this community of nice, fun, active people out enjoying what Alaska has to offer.

Since Wolverine, it’s just gotten better. There are the big things: the thoughtful and intentional hang outs, conversations and more. And then there’s the small moments – like the friendly construction workers making sure I can pass safely on my bicycle, or a smile and greeting at local staples like Kaladis or Fred Meyers. All of these things, big and small, add up to create the good feelings of a community I’m happy to be a part of.

And, the icing on the community cake – today I dragged myself out of the house for a run. And this woman and I kept leap-frogging each other, she was doing a run/walk and I was just plodding along. And eventually, I asked her what her route was, and we talked more and ended up running a mile or two together. We were so immersed in conversation she missed her timer and kept running right through her walk time. Her name was Teri; it was so neat to make an authentic connection with this stranger today.

Maybe our life would be this good anywhere else in the world. I’m choosing to invest myself and put down roots here, and it’s these interactions that make Anchorage great and our energy here so worth it.

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