Kitchen Chronicles: Halibut with Dill Soup + Prosciutto

The Alaska Dispatch News recently interviewed a local (4 hours away kind of local) chef and published her recipe for Halibut with Dill Soup & Prosciutto. It caught Adam’s eye and tonight we dove into a new recipe:

Halibut with Dill Soup & Prosciutto is delicious! And so nice to use halibut we caught ourselves with dill, potatoes and leeks from local farmers, representing at the Spenard Market.

General response to recipe: makes way more than 4 servings, unless you eat super-sized bowls of soup. And we think you could sub halibut for salmon and it would still be yummy.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a great blog post without a humorous anecdote. There’s a part of the recipe that calls for blending a bunch of dill with water. And I don’t know where I made a mistake, maybe the lid wasn’t on all the way or the water was too hot and the steam did something weird… So I pressed “blend” and suddenly there’s hot, dill water spitting all over my kitchen and even on my glasses and oh. my. gosh.

And for a sweet desert: blueberry muffins made from recently harvested berries. We are two happy loca-vores tonight!


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