Happy to be Home

Catching a cab out of Paris to Charles de Gaulle airport was an adventure in itself and quite the ending to an amazing trip. While I wanted to stay in France forever, missing our flight out because of an oversized bike box was not part of the fantasy. Thanks to a guardian taxi angel (a real cabbie who stayed with us for 45 minutes and made calls in French on our behalf), Lufthansa’s kind & patient employees and perseverance, we made it to the airport under the wire and began our journey home.


We made it! And thanks Lufthansa for the extra packing tape.
Flying over Greenland
Denali welcomes us home
It’s hard to end any trip, especially the fun ones like our France bike tour. The return has been made so much easier, and been so much sweeter, because of family and friends.

A ride home from the airport, a home decorated with banners & cakes, and more – it’s the laughs, hugs and genuine feelings of being welcomed by friends that makes me so happy to return to life in Alaska.

And joy of joys – my parents, brother, his girlfriend and my grandfather are here in Alaska for two weeks of sightseeing! Adam & I drove right down to Homer to meet up with them for a sweet reunion. 

While I’m still clinging to a fantasy of living in France forever, our life in Alaska is pretty close to paradise and for that I am grateful!


Adam misses carrying loaded panniers, so we strapped Kate to his bike
Mama, me & Zach
Dinner on the Homer Spit
Freshly caught salmon/halibut – never frozen! Same day dinner
Zach & Kate

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