Wrapping it up, Ringing it in – Our last nights in Paris

How appropriate that the pinnacle of our trip is the pinnacle of Paris!

The past two nights have been lovely. Thursday, we biked to the Eiffel Tower and took in the sunset and moonrise on a river cruise of the Seine. Then, lucky us, we saw the Eiffel Tower lit up and sparkling.

And yesterday evening, to celebrate our amazing trip and bring in my 29th lap around the sun, we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and watched the sunset across Paris.

That makes it two nights in a row I’ve cried because Paris is just so beautiful and I never want to leave! Funnily though, Adam thought my tears last night were because I’m afraid of heights and was uncomfortable at the top of the tower. 

I am grateful for all the good things that came my way last year and looking forward to the adventures this year brings. JuneBug, AKM – thanks for the incredibly sweet messages that made me feel so loved and excited!


The lights were dancing
Happy Birthday, Happy Velo Tour, Happy Couple!
The view of the top from the stairs on the way down

After the Eiffel Tower, we Uber-ed to Bouillon Racine for an authentic French dinner in the style of the early 1900s. Because we’re in France and you only live once, I went for it… Escargot.  

Burgundy Snails with pesto
Adam said I looked nervous. Wouldn’t you be?

While better than fois gras, it was not particularly good. The pesto was great, but the aftertaste is very earthy – I tasted dirt and grass. And again, I’m glad I tried! Adam had an amazing shrimp salad and suckling pig dish. He says he would have tried the snails, but he is allergic to pine nuts in pesto. Excuses…

Now, our bikes and most of our stuff is packed. We’ll rent Velibs to get around town and call it an early night. Our cab comes at 4 AM tomorrow to bring us to Charles de Gaulle and the long journey back home. 

To all of our new friends who made such an impression during our velo trip: thank you and see you again sometime! 


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