Au Revoir, Velotour. Bonjour, City of Light!

And like that, we are done with our velo tour. After 8.5 weeks of self-supported bicycling around France, we are taking off the panniers and heading to Paris!

Quick stats: 8 or 9 nights in hotels; 50+ nights in tent (longest streak: 21 nights). Miles logged: over 1,600 (we think closer to 2,000+ but we never tracked). Bread/pastries eaten: pain au chocolats: 240+, probably 150+ baguettes…

I’ve had to quit my morning habit of two chocolate pastries cold-turkey… Whomp whomp. And of course, now that the long rides are over I feel like I could keep biking forever.

But! We have a week to tour Paris on bicycle and so much to see there. France continues to be beautiful. And, when we are done in Paris we move onto the next adventure: returning to Alaska, directly to a family vacation. 

Good thing we have wine waiting… Ha!


Destination: Orleans
Jeanne D’Arc, liberator of Orleans

2 thoughts on “Au Revoir, Velotour. Bonjour, City of Light!

  1. Hi, it was lovely to meet you both and to read your blog. Glad you got to Paris and hope you have a good trip home. Take care and good luck with wedding plans. Don’t forget to post the photos. X


    1. Hi Joy! We loved meeting you & Steve. Thanks for all the laughs & generosity with your charger! Have a great evening – hopefully our paths will cross again some day. Be well!


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