Au Revoir, Velotour. Bonjour, City of Light!

And like that, we are done with our velo tour. After 8.5 weeks of self-supported bicycling around France, we are taking off the panniers and heading to Paris!

Quick stats: 8 or 9 nights in hotels; 50+ nights in tent (longest streak: 21 nights). Miles logged: over 1,600 (we think closer to 2,000+ but we never tracked). Bread/pastries eaten: pain au chocolats: 240+, probably 150+ baguettes…

I’ve had to quit my morning habit of two chocolate pastries cold-turkey… Whomp whomp. And of course, now that the long rides are over I feel like I could keep biking forever.

But! We have a week to tour Paris on bicycle and so much to see there. France continues to be beautiful. And, when we are done in Paris we move onto the next adventure: returning to Alaska, directly to a family vacation. 

Good thing we have wine waiting… Ha!


Destination: Orleans


Jeanne D’Arc, liberator of Orleans


2 thoughts on “Au Revoir, Velotour. Bonjour, City of Light!

  1. joy says:

    Hi, it was lovely to meet you both and to read your blog. Glad you got to Paris and hope you have a good trip home. Take care and good luck with wedding plans. Don’t forget to post the photos. X


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