Bike Tour Photos: Normandie – Bretagne 


Barfleur – source of nearly all the huitres (oysters) we ate in Normandy!
2nd largest lighthouse in Normandy, perhaps France!
We followed these signs to a dead-end in Coutances. They should have had a SNCF logo on them, we needed a train to get to our destination!
Le Mont Saint Michel at sunset. Inspiringly beautiful!
#1 oysters! Roadside special, we had to stop and dig in!
Low, low, low tide
She is strong, she is woman!
Looking far back at Pointe des Guettes, the Emerald coast & gearing up for Côte D’amour!
Hidden beaches on the Côte D’amour
~ 45 mi of hills! And we are not done yet…
We heard Bretagne was all wind and rain, that must be a rumor to prevent tourism.
An example of some of our off-road touring. I choose to drag my bike down the steps… I didn’t trust that ramp!
Last stop before camp! Pompial, another lovely habor town.

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