When in Bordeaux…

We had one goal for Bordeaux: find le bonne vin rouge (et blanc)! I practiced French with Kimbrough before our trip to France and that’s what it always came back to – where is the wine??

For our day in Bordeaux, we took a tour with the Office de Tourisme to the Medoc region. The tour brought us to two chateaux for tours and tastings. Both chateaux were AOC vineyards, a level of high accreditation for French wines. Oo la la! 

The tours, the wines and our hosts were lovely. Adam & I had a blast and bought a bottle from each stop. I am sipping on a Cabernet Sauvignon from Chateau Aney as I type. The other bottle, from Chateau Dauzac, needs to be aged for another 1-2 years before we can break into it. 

Chateau Aney


Chateau Dauzac




I had another, personal goal for Bordeaux. Sample the regional cuisine of foies gras, fattened goose liver pâte. 

It was GROSS. I tried, I’m glad I did, but oh, ew. I managed to eat half of my portion but couldn’t finish it.


Foies Gras
I tried…

To make this day even sweeter, we purchased a mixed case of wines and they’ll meet us at home in August. For years, we’ll be drinking le bonne vin français!  

Our train tomorrow is already set up. We head to Normandy, where we’ve planned three weeks to visit the D-Day beaches and bike the coast around Brittany to Nantes. Tour de France legend Bernard Hinault lives in Brittany…. I’m going to go slay the badger!

2 thoughts on “When in Bordeaux…

  1. Oh man, I am pumped to hear you bought a bunch of wine!! We went out to eat at the Crow’s nest for our Anniversary dinner and bought a bottle of wine that was a Rhone blend! It was delicious!


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