Alsace through Franche-Comte to the Jura

Bonjour! Adam tricked me this morning and woke me up 15 minutes early. Now, we are waiting at camp for our fresh order of pain du chocolat et baguette. The campsites in France are amazing – they have showers, pools and when you check in, offer you the opportunity to order breakfast for the next morning. Fresh pastries! And, the cost in total is inexpensive – €17 for a night, all our pastries and an ice cream yesterday afternoon.

From my last post in Clevar, we have made it decently far south. Past Clevar to Besançon, we camped ~25-30 km past at Ossalle. Yesterday, we made it a short day and camped in Dole (~20 miles). We lounged by the pool, ate a hearty camp dinner and drank some chilled white and pink wine. Très bien!

Most of our route for the past few days has followed le Doubs, and been quite flat. One or two wrong turns brought us into towns and up some steep hills, but much like skiing – what goes up, gets to come down! We have had a blast bombing down country hills. 

Today, we are pushing for ~55 miles to Chalon-sur-Saône. There is good camping in the area and from there, we hit the trail south through the Rhone!


These small plaques eventually led to an underground tunnel in Dole – the passage of Raynaud III
Dole, France – birthplace of Louis Pastuer

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