Strasbourg to Clerval… And I said Oui!

France has continued to be amazing in all ways – the people are lovely and quite forgiving of my horrific attempts to speak French; the food is amazing and the scenery is what we dreamed of and then some. I don’t want to ever leave!

From Strasbourg, we continued south through Alsace toward Colmar. It’s incredible wine country and the bike path took us up and down hills through acres and acres of vineyards and small towns with vin (wine) every where. Shame on us for not doing better research and planning to spend more time in this area.


Navigating our way from Strasbourg


Steep. Hill.


Chugging away in Alsace. Not wine.


Fresh, cool water


Une petite ville


And the trip just got sweeter…  At the crest of one vineyard hill Adam pulled off to the side, pulled me off my bike and asked me to marry him. 

I said Oui!

Thanks to the French family who passed by and took our picture!

We have been ‘in it to win it’ (as I like to say) for a while and this confirms that and kicks off the next chapter of our lives together. Weee! 

From that exciting pit stop, we’ve covered some ground. Colmar to Belfort (via train), Belfort to Clerval. We are in direction of the Rhone River Valley. Nearly 200 miles under our belt so far!


Sight-seeing in Belfort

Pas du noix = Happy Adam


Until next time!  


20 thoughts on “Strasbourg to Clerval… And I said Oui!

  1. Laura B. says:

    Congratulations to Adam and best wishes to the bride to be! (Emily Post says this is protocol. 😉
    Looks like you are having an amazing time! Love your updates!


  2. lb1164 says:

    Congratulations to Adam and Best Wishes to the bride to be! (Emily Post says this is protocol. 😉
    Loving your updates – looks like you are having an amazing time!


  3. Kara Strange says:

    There is not enough proposal coverage in this blog post!! But YAYYYY and yayyyy also to that picture of you riding up that hill lol, bless Adam for capturing that moment.


  4. kimbrough says:

    LOVE AND MARRIAGE!!!!! happy for you and ready to be your wedding planner….never too early to commit to that job…unless you just elope in France.. well in that case, I would still want to plan your ‘celebration party”..XOXOXO!!! big smiles your way!


  5. Elaina says:

    Congratulations Adam and Aimee! We are so excited for you!

    I hope you enjoyed Strasbourg – I visited there when I was last in Germany, and it was the best combination of French and German food. Try a Flammkuchenbaguette from a food cart for me if you get the chance!


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