À plus tard, Alaska!

I’m getting that melancholy feeling… The blues because I’m leaving my friends…

Wait, no! I’m not. I’m psyched and can’t wait to take off.

No, wait. Hug me again, friend. I’m going to miss you!

Now get away from me. I’m going to France, baby!

Yea. That’s been my head space for the past week. I’m up, I’m down – hot/cold – yes/no – you get the drift.

It feels like today is my last day in Alaska and for all purposes of saying goodbye, it is. And what a great day it’s been. I’ve seen a ton of great people and friends in all my favorite haunts – Chester Creek trail, Fire Island, City Hall… Even a “Chien Chaud” send off at work. It makes me feel really good (or really, even better) about my life in Anchorage. This has become my community, my people are here and I will be happy to see everyone again in August.

So for now, it’s a deep dive into packing, cleaning and anxiously waiting to check-in for our flight out.

Later, Alaska – Hello, Fance!

And check out this cute video comparing Paris to NYC: http://www.theatlantic.com/video/iframe/392747/

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