Unplugged. Uncorked. Undressed. Outdoors. Bon Voyage!

That’s it, folks – one week until take off! The Au Revoirs Bon Voyages have begun!

Bon Voyage party: friends & family enjoying Alaska’s sunny day!

To answer some of the most common questions:

Yes, we are totally psyched to go.

No, we are not packed.

Ehh… We are not quite done preparing for the trip.

Je parle un peau du Francais. J’ai espère je peux le comprende. (I mean, we’re immersing ourselves in France, how hard can it be?)


This interesting article came into my mailbox this morning. I appreciate the author’s perspective on her own sabbatical and think she did a good job outlining the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of an extended trip. I value life experiences, and completely believe that I can work hard and play hard – basically, I can have it all. Maybe not all the time, but if I honor my values and myself I can create opportunities like this bike trip and pursue them with only a normal amount of angst. I appreciate that not everyone’s employer would be as flexible as mine to offer a three month leave of absence so I can gallivant around France, but then – maybe your ‘play hard’ isn’t the same as mine either.


And – acknowledging the title of this post:

Unplugged: I will be posting here and checking email during our trip, frequency TBD. I’m deactivating my Facebook and won’t be on Instagram very often. So, if you want to keep up – bookmark or subscribe to my blog!

Uncorked: I mean, that’s an easy one…

Undressed: This one’s for you, Liz Allard! a) We’re going to the beaches of France, it was silly I bought a new swimsuit (who needs them?!). b) The temperatures in France are already 10-20 degrees warmer than Alaska, and we still have two or three weeks before we get near the south of France. I’m going to be biking in shorts and sports bra most days, methinks.

Outdoors: Duh.

Have a great summer, all! Stay in touch!

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