Prepare pour mon voyage a France

6 Weeks until Adam & I take off for our epic bike tour through France!

It knocks the wind out of me a little bit. 10 weeks in another country, touring around and having the time of our lives. I can’t wait.

Curious how we’re pulling this trip together? Here’s a general rundown of the planning process and what we have left to do.

Flights & Lodging: As of this morning, our flights are squared away. We depart May 25 and will be back in state August 3rd (whomp whomp…). Thanks to John & Stacia for a recommendation, we’ve booked our hostel in Frankfurt for the night we land. And, we’ve created our profile on WarmShowers and will eventually connect with people for lodging there. If you’ve ever been to France and have a recommendation for hostels/lodging/camping, please let me know. Adam’s on deck to look into campgrounds.

Gear, etc: Bikes, check. Panniers, check. We have the clothes, tent, etc we need. Now, it’s the miscellaneous stuff – a new bike seat for me, shoe baskets for each of us (no clip-in shoes), water bottle holsters for Adam. It’s on my list to-do today to check out some touring books and make sure we’re not missing anything major.

Parlez le Français! Just as important as all the rest – we need to speak the language in France! Thanks to Kimbrough, my daddy and Rosetta Stone, I am learning and practicing French on the regular. All phrases lead to le bon vin rouge!

This weekend, I had my first France dream – Adam & I were laying out gear and clothes to put in our panniers. It wasn’t a stressful dream, but I remember having way more clothes on the bed then I think I need in real life…

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