Bike France, Summer 2015

Oh yea, this is a BFD!

This summer, Adam & I are taking a bike tour through France. Starting in Germany, we’ll make our way along the Rhine River to Strasbourg, work south to Lyon, Dijon, the Cote D’azur and continuing in a loop around the country. We’ll end in Paris and fly back home from there.

All of “The Sights” are on our list: Normandy, Loire Valley, Mont St. Michel, and so on.

We’re preparing for a diet of red wine, cheese, cured meats and cigarettes in long black wands.

(Kidding about the cigarettes)

We are prepping for a self-supported tour – we’re going to carry our own gear, cook our own meals and chart our own course. Adam’s doing the hard work and studying maps, planning routes, researching, etc. I’m watching Midnight in Paris, using Rosetta Stone and following some French Instagram accounts.

We take off in May! Stay tuned for posts about the fun that is coordinating a 10 week bike tour. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Cyclists from The Triplets of Belleville.

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