2015 Resolutions Cont’d: February/March Reading

If you’re a new reader of Aimee’s Adventures and Travels, then here’s the background – for 2015 I resolved to read two books a month. Last month, I gave an update of all the books I read in January. Boy, I came out hot!

February was pretty slow, comparatively. I’m still reading Dog Whistle Politics. I recommend it to anyone. It’s really challenging me to be more conscious of words, thoughts, adverts, the constructed world. Read it!!

If you’re looking for inspiration from a boss chick (slang for a woman that is inspiring, works hard, gets paid, leans in, whatever – a woman to look up to), check out Lynsey Addario and her book “It’s What I Do”. She was on The Daily Show a few weeks ago and I ordered her book before she was even done talking to John Stewart. It’s on the book shelf, just waiting for me!

And finally, loosely reading Bicycle Touring Pro. A helpful planning tool for … bike tours!

If you have book recommendations, plug them into the comments. I’m always looking to add to the stack.

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