‘Viking Biking’… I’m ready for spring.

Actually, the biking hasn’t been so bad since my last post. I just heard the term ‘viking biking’ and thought it was funny!

In all seriousness, though – I’m starting to get the itch… The days are getting longer, the temperatures is kind of warming up, and with this winter-that-never-was, I’m pretty checked out of skiing and running in studded sneakers.

You know what I’m talking about… I’m getting Cabin Fever.

What’s a girl to do? It’s only March and I’ve been outside all winter. I have warm plans for the summer, but boy… Just thinking about a sunny, sandy beach…

I need to get a grip. To hear the skiers tell it, we’re still holding out for a big dump of snow this month. Ugh. Stay tuned for updates as we move toward the Vernal Equinox.

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