Progressive Pedestrian Safety – Yes! Yes! Yes!

Good news from AK today – a local representative has introduced a bill to increase driver awareness of pedestrians and bicyclists and enhance penalties for reckless driving.

I’m guilty of quick approaches to intersections, don’t get me wrong. But as one of the masses (no stats in this article for me to quote) who using bike or foot as a primary mode of transportation – the consequences of zipping past a stop sign or hardly pausing to turn right on red are very real to me. It’s someone’s life we’re talking about here. Someone with a family, kids, parents, whatever, that want to see them home safely.

I think about that every time I see an unsafe driver, or unsafe bicyclist in Anchorage. What would my parents do? What would I do, if it was Adam? It makes me nauseous just thinking about.

So, I’m thrilled to see Representative Josephson introducing new legislation to protect bicyclists and pedestrians. He has my support!

• Rep. Andy Josephson introduces bill to improve driver awareness of pedestrians and bikers.

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