The Road to the White House

I had the great privilege of visiting the White House, at the invitation of the Office of Public Affairs, to attend the Healthy Young America Conference.

Young adults in the USA represent the highest number of uninsured citizens. As a professional in the health and human services field, I want to see the number of insured young adults go up – creating a healthy & financially comfortable generation.

As an amateur health nut, I love preventative care and prefer to use the doctor to stay healthy, not to treat disease. Access to health insurance provides an inroad to quality of life (assuming of course, education around prevention and healthy lifestyles is there too…).

The conference gave me an opportunity to learn what other organizations are doing around the country to tackle low enrollment numbers and engage young adults in affordable care and their health.

It was a great privilege to visit the White House. Secretary of Health & Human Services, Sylvia Burwell, came and spoke to us and she even knew who I was ( being the only person from Alaska at a national conference has some serious perks )!

I’m grateful for this experience – it’s a thrill to have been invited to the White House as a young professional. It’s good to see my future office – ha!




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