Winter Solstice 2014 (Alternate title: That was fast…)

Winter Solstice has come and gone, and we’re already gaining daylight in AK. I’ve rolled with the changing daylight the same way for the past three years: a few days here and there of general funkiness, crankiness, lethargy. And then, suddenly, it’s done and I’m cool again! Regular outdoor activity and exercise help me ease through the seasonal transitions without the SADs.

I was in yoga a week ago and the teacher lead us through a practice to help us open up, spiritually and physically, with the incoming light. And when she mentioned Solstice was only a week out, I simultaneously thought “Well, that was fast” and “Oh shit, I haven’t really been training for that half”.

What half? The Willow Running Club Winter Solstice Half (and 5k and full marathon)!

High temps of 16 degrees, bluebird skies and frozen trails across lakes, through trees and swamps… An amazing experience that I’m glad is over! Congratulations to Andrea & Lisl – my amazing friends ran their first 1/2 (A) and marathon (+2m – L) that day. Such badasses!


Solstice half2

Solstice half

solstice half3

solstice half4

solstice half5

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