Hardly Working… Or Working Out?

Winter throws me for such a loop. I feel so lethargic, sleepy and generally introspective. Such a difference from my summer-self!

I was reflecting on my sluggish vibes and had a small “ah-ha!” moment: I’m not much less active now than I was this summer (marathon training aside). I’m just not in “go-go-go” mode. Realizing that pull the winter and darkness has on my general state was like pulling a blanket off my face a little bit… Just another part of my growth and evolution in Alaska, I guess.

So, while it’s harder to muster the energy to get started – once I’m going, I’m gone. My body is the best it’s been. My monkey brain, however, is the one to master. If you have or do struggle with the winter workout motivation (or inspiration), what’s your trick? How do you bottle the summer energy for winter joy? Any and all tips are appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Hardly Working… Or Working Out?

  1. Make lots of giant snowmen, hehe! Rolling huge balls of snow is hard work and super fun.

    I actually have found that it helps if I make the darkness exciting by lighting some candles or experiment with using cool and different lights. Anything to get rid of that “its dark already” feeling.


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