It was bound to happen… SNOW!

I suppose one of the key parts of winter biking is winter. Which is finally making an appearance in Anchorage: a few inches of snow fell this weekend in town!

Being a tough winter biker chick is a goal of mine, so this morning it was business as usual and off I pedaled into the slough.

It was f’n hard.

Double the time of a normal commute, biking through soft snow is tough. My tires fishtailed around frequently, it’s hard to build up speed and in general it’s really unsettling. I just want to go straight and fast!

On the way into work, I was miserable. It was cold, my legs were tired and sore from the weekend, generally I did not want to be on bike and the increased stress of biking through snow just made me cranky. And then I left work, and it was snowing and I laughed out loud and talked to myself for the first few blocks. I had to walk my bike down E Street, because the sidewalks weren’t plowed and it’s just not safe on the road.

Then I got to Chester Creek Trail. I feel into the tread of some earlier bike commuters and found a (slow) groove. And as I got my rhythm and passed congested traffic on A, C and Gambell – I was happier than ever to be on my bike.

Bring it on, winter!


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