#End of Summer Camp 2014

Oh my gosh… You know when you’ve had a weekend so good you just can’t let it go? Yea, that’s where I’m at right now.

This weekend was the first ever End of Summer Camp, organized and hosted by Brit & Katherine and their biz, The Boardroom. Highlighting networking and socializing with new friends and peers, workshops on story telling, cooking, wine tasting, biathlons, delicious food, drink and opportunities to exercise and/or relax and eventually dance the nights away… It was a must-attend.

photo 1
#5girls #1subaru: Aimee & Amanda up front, Jenna, Meghan and Lisl keeping the back seat warm & cozy

Friday night, we crammed a Subaru full of ladies and hightailed it to Homer, AK and the Ageya Wilderness Education Center property. There are acres on acres of land here, with yurts dotted around the property and a main building where we had our meals, workshops and bon fires each night. The property is gorgeous. While it’s all past season now, there are fireweed plants everywhere and it must be gorgeous in the summer when they’re all vibrant purple.

Fireweed in the sunset. Photo credit to Josh Martinez

Saturday morning, Lisl and I got up at 7 AM to go for a sunrise jaunt. Overnight, we had both woken up to the sound of some crazy heavy rain (or so I thought), but when we opened the door and stepped out – it was SNOW!!! About an inch of wet, heavy, thick snow. Really awesome and terrible at the same time. By the time we were back at the yurt, almost two hours later, it had mostly melted away.

The EOSC schedule was packed – Lisl & I took a workshop with Arctic Entries and learned how to craft stories. I think I’m signing up to tell one in February… Stay tuned. After lunch, we went on a wine tasting session to Bear Creek Winery while our Jenna and Meghan took a cooking class with Fork Catering.

Chef Rob & Jenna rolling up some nuttis or raviolis or something delicious! Photo credit to Josh Martinez.
photo 2
When Lisl & I got back from wine tasting, we were feeling a little saucy. So, we took a turn with the biathlon guns (laser guns). Pretty fun.

After one more workshop session, split between Personal Branding with Axe & Antlers and Robert’s Rules of Order jeopardy with Amanda (great job to our friends who led them!), it was time for Saturday nights festivities to kickoff.

DJ Spencer Lee, live music from Silver Jackson & Pilot Touhill, delicious drinks from Trulli Peak Vodka and Broken Tooth Brewery… So good! Here’s Brit & Katherine (bookends) with Amanda, Lisl & me in the #ravecave. Photo credit to Josh Martinez.
Around 11:30, campers took a break from dancing and rejoined the bonfire for SMORES! And story telling from Arctic Entries. It was a great way to slow down without losing steam. It was a perfect fall night. Photo credit Josh Martinez.

photo 3

There’s really only one story I think I want to tell from Saturday night. And maybe you just had to be there… Anyway – later in the night we head in to use the bathroom and I’m waiting in this dark room and suddenly Jenna pops out of nowhere behind me and says “I spilled my drink!” and I am so startled and confused, and I ask her where she came from and she says “I was in the kitchen. I’m eating octopus with Rob.” So we go into the kitchen, and sure enough there’s Chef Rob and an octopus soaking in red wine and we each to have a bite. And Chef Rob was so gracious to take this picture! This was just really funny to me. Silly jokes about octopus in pancakes, s’mores and other food items followed from there.

Ageya Wilderness Education Center. Photo credit to Josh Martinez.

Anyway… After a stop at the Homer Brewing Co and Two Sisters Bakery, we were on our way home Sunday. It was tough to leave such an amazing weekend. I had so much fun with my friends! We were all exhausted today, but can’t wait until #EOSC15!

Also, watch this sweet video our fellow camper Matt made. There’s a clip at the very, very end – blink and you’ll miss it – me, Amanda, Lisl and our new friend Faye – just laughing so hard! It captured the essence of EOSC for me.

 Thanks Matt & Orzel Productions!

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