Berlin by Bicycle

What better way to explore a new city and prep for a marathon than bicycling?

It’s been a full few days in Germany. Thanks to a friend from Berlin, we’ve been on the go since we landed. This is an amazing city: bike-friendly, rich and diverse in culture and so colorful. It’s a toss up… Paris or Berlin?

The last longest section of the Berlin Wall

East Berlin watchtower, the last one standing

German, Alaskans, North Carolinian

Checkpoint Charlie

Bib pickup!!

Cousin Jenna

Baby, I was born to bike in Berlin

World Clock

Stacia, on a kaffe break

Brandenburg Gate – the finish line of the Berlin Marathon

Berlin Bound (for real this time!)

Pack everything… unpack shorts, flats and third pair of black leggings and a dress I know I won’t wear… re-pack flats… unpack second pair of black leggings I know I don’t need. Feel good about current clothing, footwear and packing job: going to Germany in a carry-on (with room for a souvenir or two).

Double and triple-check I have my running shoes, socks, belt and snacks. Lucky running shirt: check. 

Watch the course video for the Berlin Marathon and get anxious: check.

Download music, update international data plan, email hostel, feel relief for moving through to-do list: check.

I got all of this done and then realized my pre-flight yoga class is an hour later than I thought. So now I sit here, excitedly anticipating my trip to Germany! 

Symphony + Eagle Lake

When the forecast calls for one sunny day before a week of rain, you have got to go. Go where exactly, it doesn’t matter. Just get the hell out.


My friend Bronwyn and I hiked to Symphony + Eagle Lakes to soak up all the sun Saturday. This was the first time back to the lakes for both of us, although I’ve hiked from the trailhead a couple times while friends skied down Hunter Pass. The day didn’t disappoint. The trail to the lakes is really easy – it meanders up and through a valley, generally following the south fork of Eagle River. From the higher points of the valley, Denali was in plain sight across the inlet and way up north.

At the lakes we took some pictures, kicked off our sneakers and put our feet in the water while we ate lunch. Handfuls of people came by with rods on their packs, planning to fish for graylings in Symphony Lake. It was so comfortable in the sun and as usual, Alaska was looking fine.

We left the car around 12:30 p and made it back just before 6 p. The sun fell behind Rendezvous Ridge with just a mile to the car – perfect timing.

This weekend filled my reserves with enough Vitamin D, fresh air and laughs to get me well into next weekend, when it clears up again.


Bronwyn’s killer pano skills. Eagle Lake (L, glacier fed) and Symphony Lake (R, alpine)