Life on the Road: Cragy Wash – Lake Havasu, AZ

This is a part of a ‘series’ of posts, sharing pictures and stories from my parent’s cross-country RV adventure. Since November 2016, Mom and Bill have been living life on the road with their dog, Monty. They have no itinerary and no end-of-the-road, save for a summer in Alaska 2017. 

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from them (in the blogosphere). They’ve been happy and healthy, exploring the L48 and making their way north. Also, I think they were in Cragy Wash before we met up in Vegas. I can’t keep up with these two anymore!

After a brief stop in Yuma Arizona for food and fuel, we headed north on AZ 95 to stay once again in Quartzsite. This time the desert was quite deserted. Most of the snowbirds and winter residents pulled out for their summer homes. It was like we had the whole place to ourselves. A week in Quartzsite and then on to Lake Havasu and Cragy Wash BLM land. We were on a mission. Get to Las Vegas and rendezvous with Aimee….


Cragy Wash BLM. Beautiful clouds and lightening




Yes, we have another beautiful sunset…



Lake Havasu City. Home of the London Bridge and spring break craziness.



An oasis in the desert.

All photo credit William Shook.





Honeymoon Daydreams…

Adam and I aren’t taking a honeymoon immediately after our wedding. With an adventurous life like ours and a backdrop like Alaska, we don’t need to jet off after the celebration (not to knock a quiet week on a beach…).

With that, we are daydreaming about the Next Big Adventure slash Honeymoon. Where are we dreaming of going next? It would start…. here (here, for more information).

And for our honeymoon meals? Well, we’ll be eating a lot of….

This fall, as we start planning seriously, I’ll be posting here about our trip plans, the logistics, details and how-to’s. Keep reading!

Valdez, Part Deux

Valdez, Part Une: February 2017. It was alright.

Valdez, Part Deux: May, 2017. It was way better.

I took another quick trip in and out of Valdez for work. Flights only run in and out twice a day and I waited to book my flight until the last minute, so I ended up staying a night and flying out first thing in the morning. It was perfect – a busy morning and early afternoon of work, and the rest of the day to soak up the sun around Prince William Sound. And as it was Cinco de Mayo, I went over to the Fat Mermaid for margarita… or several.